StreetDrone Twizy
Autonomous-Ready EV

The essential entry level autonomous vehicle platform for testing and trials


StreetDrone Twizy with Integrated Drive-By-Wire

Available to order today* with advanced drive-by-wire, custom bodywork, cameras and more.

The StreetDrone Twizy is a fully integrated autonomous vehicle for testing and R&D; ideal for universities, start-ups and anyone looking at future connected and autonomous vehicles. It is already in service in tests around the world and features heavily among the UK’s autonomous vehicle test-beds.

Please get in touch with us, and speak to a friendly expert about the requirements for your autonomous vehicle programme today.

*Leasing and contract hire options are also available for UK customers. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

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Open-interface autonomous-ready vehicles enabled with our industry-leading Drive-By-Wire system

Safe Vehicle Control

The SD Twizy features our SAE Level 2 drive-by-wire system for safe control of steering, brake, throttle and ancillaries.

We entirely avoid hacking or reverse engineering by installing a “self-driving robot” to replace the hands and feet of a human driver.

Intuitive Safety Driver Takeover

Our drive-by-wire system ensures a safety driver can always take over by any number of means, including buttons, switches and intuitive intervention via brake throttle and steering.

Our system features redundant monitoring of all drive-by-wire sensors.

Easy ROS Integration

Our vehicles have interfaces to multiple self-driving stacks, including supported ROS interfaces for Project Aslan and Autoware.AI for rapid autonomous deployments.

We also provide vehicle models for open-source simulators such as Gazebo.

Specify Your Vehicle

The SD Twizy is fitted with bespoke bodywork to ensure easy sensor integration.

Choose to complement our included camera set with a range of sensors including LiDAR, RADAR and Ultrasonics.

The Twizy is also fitted with a powered computation bay, and easy CAN connection.


The perfect platform for testing, development and a rapid roll-out programme

Heavy Quadricyle (L7e) EV 

Max Speed


6.1kWh Battery

With max power of up to 13kW


0-100% in 3.5 hours using standard plug


Up to 54km (payload dependent)


2 seats + all sensor equipment


HAN University

Using the Twizy as a test platform accelerates R&D time by 400%


Safety by design

Safety is the most important aspect when deploying self-driving vehicles and at StreetDrone, we start from the tyres up. Our team’s cumulative years of experience in automotive control systems means that we can build the safest possible drive-by-wire system in parallel with the original vehicle manufacturers existing systems.

This means no hacking, no spoofing, no reverse engineering and no risk of unknown failures affecting the vehicle. Safety comes first, and the integrated solution we provide means that our customers can be certain that they are building on top of a stack of technologies that safely work seamlessly together, and ensure a solid foundation for all developments.

Built in line with best practice

Our vehicles are built in line with the UK Department for Transport’s Code of Practice for testing and trialling automated vehicles.

This means our customers have access to all of the data they need to build a DfT compliant safety case from day 1.

Ensure a leading safety approach to your work

Leverage our published safety approach, and ensure that you start testing and validating autonomous vehicle tech in the safest way possible.

All of our vehicles are built to ensure best practice functional safety.

Save months of development and deployment time

Our Twizy platform is designed to kickstart your autonomous vehicle programme.

Save months of time and effort (we estimate at least 6) required to build a functionally safe test vehicle, and get started today.


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Autonomous-Ready EV

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