Bespoke Solutions

We appreciate there may be times where our customers need something more bespoke or custom built.


We are happy to discuss requirements ranging from custom bodywork through to advanced mechanical engineering solutions and custom chassis requirements. 

We can fit our Level 2 drive-by-wire technology into a vehicle of your choice. 


Fully deployed connected and autonomous technologies from the worlds enterprise open-source leader

Safe Vehicle Control

Our expert engineering team can integrate SAE Level 2 drive-by-wire system for safe control of steering, brake, throttle and ancillaries.

We entirely avoid hacking or reverse engineering the target vehicle with our best practice “self-driving robot” approach.

Contact us to discuss your use-case and for more info on our next stage Level 4 technology.

Intuitive Safety Driver Takeover

Our drive-by-wire system ensures a safety driver can always take over by any number of means, including buttons, switches and intuitive intervention via brake throttle and steering.

Our system features redundant monitoring of all drive-by-wire sensors.

Easy ROS Integration

Our vehicles have interfaces to multiple self-driving stacks, including supported ROS interfaces for Project Aslan and Autoware.AI for rapid autonomous deployments.

We can also provide custom vehicle models for open-source simulators such as Gazebo as required.

Specify Your Vehicle

Our expert designers can help with robust mounting of sensors.

Choose to complement your drive-by-wire vehicle with a range of sensors including LiDAR, RADAR and Ultrasonics.

We can also fit powered computation bay, easy CAN connection, and future-proofed power electronics.

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The perfect platform for testing, development and a rapid roll-out programme

3 Charge Methods

Rapid, wall box (7h30m) and plug (21h30m)

40kWh Battery

Lithium Ion

Rapid Charge

From 20-80% in 40-60 minutes

Extended Range

124-187 miles
(with city cycle + eco)


Up to 648kg


HAN University

Using the Twizy as a test platform accelerates R&D time by 400%


Safety by design

Safety is clearly the most important aspect when deploying self-driving vehicles and all starts with the vehicle itself. The years of experience we have in our engineering team in automotive control systems means that we can build the safest possible drive-by-wire system in parallel with the vehicle manufacturers existing systems.

This means no hacking, no spoofing and no risk of unknown failures affecting the vehicle. Safety comes first, and the integrated solution we provide means that our customers can be certain that they are building a stack of technologies that safely work seamlessly together.

Published functionality safety

Work remotely in the Cloud – anytime and on any device – without the hassle of uploading and downloading files.

Keep a geographically dispersed team collaborating – and always in sync.

Supports UK DfT rules on data access

Get collaborators onboard quickly with a single, intuitive interface.

Curated design tools provide the functionality and flexibility that your team really needs – without any unnecessary or distracting complexity.

Tried and tested driver interface

Work within a single creative context to maintain your team’s focus and momentum.

Keep all stakeholders building consensus and communicating clearly.


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