Develop robust code, faster

Simulation accelerates your software development process, giving you flexible, fast testing and confidence in your code.

At StreetDrone we’ll get you set up with a full virtual development pipeline based on Project Aslan’s simulator, with our correlated custom vehicle models and environment maps. It’s easy to use and integrates instantly with our real vehicles, allowing rapid regression testing. 

Download for free and get started using our tutorials, getting an autonomous vehicle up and running in 30 minutes. 


Integrated virtual pipeline for development, testing and deployment

Correlated Vehicle Models

Using our extensive Motorsport simulation expertise in the StreetDrone team we’ve created correlated custom vehicle models.

We’re always expanding to more vehicle platforms and can recreate any vehicle in the virtual world.

Validated, correlated environments ensure your code behaves the same on the track and road as it does in simulation.

Trust in Collaboration

Our sensor models come directly from our suppliers, so you can be sure they match the real sensors.

Easy configuration through Project Aslan’s GUI enables full control of your sensor suites.



The Value of Detail

Our maps are made using lidar scans of real roads, providing accurate environments.

These worlds provide the perfect platform for development of localisation and perception algorithms.

Import your own maps- the world is yours!


The Power of Open-Source

Project Aslan’s simulator provides a powerful data workflow pipeline, ensuring comparisons between real vehicle data and simulation outputs are easy.

Join our open-source community today to find free datasets and share your own:



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Software development made easy

No physical vehicle required- simulation runs on any Linux platform with Ubuntu16

Fast development of localisation and perception algorithms

Test your control systems in the virtual world

Watch our free tutorials and chat to the experts here at StreetDrone 

Seamless integration to the real vehicles when you’re ready for the road


Project Aslan

StreetDrone are proud founding members of Project Aslan, an open-source self-driving software stack for low-speed applications. Find out more and join our community today.


Some of our insights into Simulation

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