Parking Cars Together

At StreetDrone towers, while we’re busy developing the tech that makes it easier & safer for cities to deploy autonomous urban services, it’s not unknown to run into problems. One of our mantras has always been that problems are best solved by throwing some unique and specialist engineers together in a room and an hour […]

[Hello World!] Sense — Plan — Act

In the second of new series of technical blogs, StreetDrone is going to explain the hierarchy of a “robotic” self-driving system, and how that translates into the movement of a self-driving car. Our “Hello World!” series is written by software engineer Efimia Panagiotaki, a tech-trotter with engineering experience ranging from the National Technical University of […]

In Times of Austerity — Grow Your Own!

We’re heading for a colossal skills shortage, says StreetDrone CEO, Mike Potts. Here at StreetDrone towers, we’re busy at the coalface making it faster, easier and safer for cities to deploy, learn and scale autonomous urban vehicle trials. Since our business was established five years ago, we’ve grown continuously and consistently, but while our progress […]

StreetDrone in the News: Meet the man who ‘drives’ driverless cars

In today’s Telegraph, project engineer Ross James explains the role of a safety driver, and his real world experiences of trialing autonomous vehicle technology. In the article, Ross describes some of the key challenges he faces on a day to day basis as he oversees StreetDrone’s real world deployments of open source self-driving software. To […]

Keeping UK Plc clear of the congestion ahead.

Earlier this year StreetDrone’s Founder, Mark Preston, added his name to 19 others as a signatory to an open letter in the Telegraph urging the government to sustain its investment in the CAV or connected & autonomous vehicle industry. He joined the call from the leaders of other organisations including AXA, Telefonica UK, Thatcham Research, […]

Talk To Me, KITT

As a safety-led autonomous urban trial company with a focus on the challenging ‘zone 1’ restrictive metropolitan environments around the world, we at StreetDrone are uniquely focused on the interaction between a moving vehicle and its environment. In truth, a cityscape presents far more potential for hazard and it is precisely that challenge that we […]

Safety Shouldn’t Happen By Accident

As the trialling of autonomous vehicles becomes an ever more common sight on the public byways and highways, the role performed by a test driver is becoming the focus for a much greater level of scrutiny for us at StreetDrone as well as among the wider autonomous development community. As we are focused on making […]